Anne De Gelas - L'amoureuse (Signed, #402/600)

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L'Amoureuse, by Anne de Gelas, is the autobiographical chronicle of immense pain, that of mourning following the loss of a loved one. It is a story which combines texts in the form of newspaper extracts, photography through self-portraits and images of the child (physical connection with the missing father), and sketches which make a link between the images and text.

This book is a dark work, where we nevertheless feel the desire to survive this pain; a work as a form of exorcism where the artist therefore celebrates love for this man, and love for his son.

Anne de Gelas and Le Caillou Bleu editions have composed a very moving, sober and even modest book which transmits surprising strength and energy.

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-293053723-8
Pages: 96
Edition: 1st Edition (Limited to 600 prints)
Signed and Numbered (#402/600)
Published By: Le Caillou Bleu
Publication Date: 2013
Condition: As New

THIS IS THE SIGNED AND LIMITED (AND FIRST) EDITION PUBLISHED BY Le Caillou Blue (and not the recent publication of 2023 by Loco Editions)