Grace Ahlbom - Music for my Eyes


Music for my Eyes is part two in an ongoing series of zines published by Dashwood in which Ahlbom sequences out of this world landscapes with overly saturated portraits of her friends from travels over time. Both trial and error are required throughout Ahlbom’s process with her use of tinted flashes while shooting and casting of acid-trip colors over her prints in the darkroom. Ahlbom structures the arrangement of her photographs through hues, patterns and humor - Joe Skilton in London Fields with hair like David Bowie in movie The Man Who Fell to Earth juxtaposed with surrealist totems to masculinity in Italian barbershop. Ahlbom participates not only as a fly-on-the-wall but also as subject with her first self-portrait - posing with a silver Mustang guitar slung around her neck paired with portrait of Joe Apollonio skateboarding topless on a hot summer day in New York.

Published by Dashwood Books, 2018
Dimensions: 5 1/4 x 8 inches
20 pages
Condition: New (Sealed)
First Edition of 300 copies