Harry Gruyaert - Irish Summers (SIGNED)


With its typical eighties vibe, present in the fashion, hairstyles and even the cars of those portrayed, ‘Irish Summers’ is clearly a portrait of a country in a given time. However, this series is also largely determined by an ultimately timeless element; that of the (changing) light, masterly playing the leading role in the images taken on the beach on which dramatic clouds gather while thin sunbeams break through. This fragile light, the threatening skies and the palette of shades of gray and soft, muted colours might have reminded the artist of his motherland Belgium. The guy from Flanders that Gruyaert is and always will be — despite his universal relevance and deeply singular approach to his subjects, no matter how diverse they may be — unmistakably felt related to these Irish summers.

2020 - A FIFTY ONE Publication
Language: English
Medium: Softcover
Size: 21 x 15 cm
Pages: 103
ISBN: 9789463883245

Signed by the artist