In his new book 'Tagada', Paolo Zerbini captures the disappearing carnival culture of his childhood, project started in 2014 and shot around summer fun fairs all over Italy

Tagadà is the most fun of all rides at the funfair. Big scary rides find no place in the local funfairs of the Italian countryside, so Tagadà is the ultimate challenge. It’s the big monster at the end of a videogame. It’s fear and laughter at the same time. A split second of madness. Body first and mind to follow, both getting out of control. Tagadà makes you bounce, it makes your head spin. Eyes become so heavy you must squint them. One shouldn’t drink much before getting on the Tagadà, but obviously everyone drinks way too much before getting on the Tagadà. Things no longer look as they are. Welcome to your teenage years.

Edition: First Edition, Signed
Publication Date: April 2023
Dimension: 24x33,5 cm
Pages: 150 pages
Type: Softcover with PVC dustjacket
ISBN: 978-88-94895-63-6