Andressa Ce - Um Dia Seremos Famosos #110/250 (+ Signed C-Print)


The last ones to experience analog life before the digital era, those born in the early 80s to mid-90s, form the so-called Millennial generation, considered to have the highest number of patients with depression to date. This publication discusses this generation of individuals who grew up with the desire to be prodigies, to be recognized as soon as possible. A generation that believes they can find happiness in fame. Adults who play at pretending, presenting themselves to the world as they want to be seen.

Publisher: Editions Bessard
Publication Date: 2018
ISBN: 9791091406680
Edition: 1st Edition, Limited Edition numbered 110/250
Limited Edition: 250 prints
Pages: 24
Dimension: 19x26.5cm
Condition: new

+ Signed C-print