Lulu / 12 - Willy Vanderperre


After three collaborations between Idea Books and renowned fashion photographer Willy Vanderperre – including a year’s worth of Instagram pictures collected in 365, the book of images from his short film Naked Heartland, and a book capturing 10 works for fashion designer Raf Simons – a new project entitled /12 is now available! This time, the pair have created a series of 12 fanzines highlighting Vanderperre’s work. Each issue is devoted to one of 12 models, shot not as a fashion brand ambassador, but simply as a unique individual captured in a series of intimate portraits and close-ups.

Book title: Lulu / 12
Photographer: Willy Vanderperre
Publisher: IDEA
Genre: Fashion photography
Book format: Booklet (Staple bound)
Size: 20cm x 27.5cm
Number of copies: 300 copies