Rip Hopkins - Déplacés

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"Déplacés" are the people who live in Uzbekistan and that Rip Hopkins, photographer of Agence Vu, wanted to show here. A Soviet invention, Uzbekistan brings together communities with mixed roots and backgrounds: Germans, Poles, Greeks, Russians, Koreans, Tatars, among others, many of whom were deported by the Stalinist regime. Through portraits and situational scenarios, 99 photographs reconstruct the itinerary of these "non-Uzbeks", who are today emigrating to their country of origin. Each photograph is the subject of a caption and then a biographical fragment that tells the story of the people photographed. The approach is neither resolutely documentary nor solely artistic: it is on the periphery of genres. Rip Hopkins thus develops a writing on the fringe of the traditional codes of documentary aesthetics, inscribing his work in a narrative temporality. His photographs, like all the populations displaced for several generations, express a troubling sense of loss. Déplacés restores the photographic work exhibited under the title Home & Away.

1st Edition
Publisher : TEXTUEL (24 Sept. 2004)
Language : French
Hardcover : 124 pages
ISBN-13 : 978-2845971288
Condition: New