Will McBride - R

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The very rare, self-published first book from renowned German photographer Will McBride captures German new wave youth culture. Documenting young people living in squats and going out to clubs in Frankfurt in the 1980s, “R” is titled for Richard Geldmacher, a poet whose work makes up the text portions of the book and who McBride befriended and photographed throughout this time period.
Introduction and interview with Geldmacher by McBride.

Size: 146 × 105 mm
Publisher: Will McBride
Publication Date: 1988
Binding: Softcover
Condition: Good (small bump on spine, cover and back slightly aged, small spot of thinning on the back); see pictures , inside very good condition
Edition: First Edition
ISBN: 3980200000 / EAN: 9783980200004